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About Us

Sharif DeepMine is a knowledge-based company, which has been officially founded since 2018 by a talented team of graduated and students from Tehran universities, especially Sharif University of Technology. Our mission in DeepMine is to provide comprehensive AI-based solutions in a variety of areas, mainly upon on deep learning technologies. We have started with speech processing and we are going to developed all the technologies needed to have an intelligent chat-bot that could listen, understand, and respond to the users, as much as similar to humans. In this regard, each required part will be designed in a standalone service so that we can provide them as a service to others.

Our Skills

DeepMine in Numbers

Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition
Speaker Verification
Speaker Verification
Text to Speech
Text to Speech
Scalable AI Services
Scalable AI Services
Data Collectiong
Data Collectiong
Natural Language Processing
Natural Language Processing


Speech Recognition

We offer speech recognition (Speech to Text) service in two languages: Persian and English. Our service is based on state-of-the-art deep learning methods with comparable results to humane performance.

Speaker Verification

Based on the latest finding of our researchers, we have developed several speaker verification services. We offer text-independent speaker verification (can be used for speaker identification task too) using a powerful deep…

Text to Speech

We are working hard to prepare a high-quality Text to Speech (TTS) engine using deep learning. Our plan is to make it for both Persian and English languages.


Latest Posts

Submitting data paper to IS2019

DeepMine database is a multi task speech processing database. It can be used for several task such as: text-dependent and text-prompted speaker verification in Persian and English, text-independent speaker verification…

Our Core Team

Hossein Zeinali

CEO, Head of Machine Learning & Speech Processing

Sajad Shahsavari

CTO, Programmer & Researcher

Contact Us

Sharif DeepMine Company

Sharif Technology Service Complex,

Sharif University of Technology,

Tarasht, Tehran, Iran

+98 21 6680 3757

+98 21 6680 3757


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